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Hello hello ^^!

I have good news for my Muslim readers, and it couldn't come at a better time since it's the Ramadhan month (let me wish you all Happy Fasting first! Ganbatte!). Have you ever had hard times finding skin cares that you feel 100% safe to use since you can't be sure what and how the ingredients are derived in your usual skin care? Fret no more because now you have a skin care that's especially catered for you, a Halal skin care (registered in BPOM and have the stamp of approval from MUI) : Aishaderm!
These are just a few products of Aishaderm that i got the courtesy to try, but they have a lot more products!
I need to clarify that i, personally, am not a Muslim-but i can still use their products of course, and i am glad that i have this brand to recommend whenever a friend/reader come to me for a Halal skin care recommendation! Aishaderm is the first Indonesian cosmetics that focused on Halal skin cares, yay!
Now, a little bit about Aishaderm. Aishaderm products are all manufactured by PT. Dion Farma Abadi (a pharmacuetical and cosmetic firm with notable experience in producing high quality cosmetics). Their products' main ingredient is date extract (dactylifera phoenix). Why date? Not only it's obviously Halal, but also because it contains 0% sugar, fat, protein and other minerals like copper, folic acid and magnesium that can help moisturizing skin as well as preventing early aging. Date also contains various kinds of vitamins, like B6-which helps brighten complexion.

Now like i mentioned earlier, they have quite a wide range of products, from Acne Series, Anti Aging Series, Moisturizer Series, Cleanser Series, Sunscreen Series and Body Lotions-quite thorough and complete (i'm very glad to see this! Normally local brands would only have like, two or three products in their skin care series. Aishaderm is on another level altogether). They also have plans to expand their products to decorative series (yes, please!) in the future.

Their products are very affordable as well, ranging from IDR 20.000-50.000 only! 

I've tried some of Aishaderm's products that they kindly gifted to me (both are from their Anti Aging series, which is great because i'm *ahem* quite old hahaha), but since i have only been using it a few times, this is not a full review but more of a first impressions.
Aishaderm Renewal Day Cream (20gr)
Both products that i got comes in a square cardboard box with green and white color domination. The products are housed in a white plastic jar with green cap. Under the green cap, there's another, white lid. It's a good thing to keep your product in place and for hygienic reasons, but i had a bit of a problem prying it open (especially when your jar is still full, the cream inside tend to make the lid stick to the cream very tightly!) and i really hoped they had the small handle that can help take the lid off easier! Apparently i took the Night Cream photos first, and they look pretty much identical so you can see more details later
Ingredient list. Aishaderm Renewal Day Cream has triple UV protection, Bifida Ferment Lysate (to prevent skin damage from UV exposure) combined with date skin's extract to soften skin
The cream is pretty thick and opaque white in color.
Both products has similar, refreshing scent. The scent's pretty strong but it doesn't bother me since it's quite pleasant
Although the cream is pretty thick and feels slightly sticky on my hand, when i applied it on my skin i was pretty surprised that it got absorbed pretty fast and doesn't leave any sticky feeling. I have very oily skin and this cream doesn't make it any oilier (but it feels very moisturized) than light moisturizers, so that's totally great! My skin feels smooth and supple after application
Aishaderm Renewal Night Cream (20gr)

Like i promised, closer look on the packaging
The Renewal Night Cream has a lighter consistency and more transparent in color
The cream also spread nicely and got absorbed fast, leaving my skin feeling velvety smooth. It does make my skin very greasy, but i woke up with soft, supple and bright skin!
FYI, i have a pretty sensitive skin. If my skin doesn't agree with a product, it would show FAST (in the form of whiteheads). So far i have no problem with Aishaderm products, yay!
Oh, i also want to introduce their new product from the same mother company called Katharizo-V, which is a feminine hygiene wash.
I personally always use special feminine products to clean my sensitive parts, i have given Katharizo-V a try and it works well. The consistency is very runny (a lot more watery than i used to) and it has a pharmaceutical scent. Again,i'm sure my Muslim friends would be happy to know that there's a feminine hygiene product that's 100% Halal and can be used safely!
Information and ingredient list
Now, Aishaderm is actually quite widespread already, it can be found in 320 outlets in East Java (in Surabaya you can find them in DTC and Pasar Atum Mall), but if you live in other provinces-worry not! They are available online too! What's better, they have a special application in Google Play Store to make online shopping even easier for you (and they even have special prices if you purchase it from the app!) :

Andddd, they also have a photo contest where you can snap a unique photo where you find Aishaderm products and stand a chance to win some awesome prizes!
Don't forget to follow their social medias for more info and updates :

Instagram : @ Aishaderm 
Twitter : @Aishaderm

Toodles for now!
With my fellow bloggers at Aishaderm's gathering last week ^^

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  1. Thank you so much for a kind information Miss.
    This is a good news for me. I have many alternative for Halal cosmetics

  2. akhhh jadi kepengen nyoba, my face its very oily

  3. nice product review, but once we have to use before making any recommendation :) although it looks like it will help in skin care treatment and the best part is, it is halal product by indonesia